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Sea Scout Ship 1659


National Flagship

This document it to show history of the process in applying for National Flagship 2010. The writings and files below are old and new to show the trail to 2010. 


We made second place according to those in the know to a ship in Ohio. The report was that we didnt have enough scouts in uniform.
Powerpoint Presentation .


2010 Application - (pdf) from National website

Scrapbook v5.0 (pdf) [61MB] - right click - save it, dont open it from web
PowerPoint v2.0 (ppsx) [12MB] - right click - save it, dont open it from web
Ship history (pdf)
COE 2009 (pdf)

Letter from BoatU.S. (pdf)

The Trip (article)


02242010 - Skipper, Boatswain and Mates met tonight to review the events of 2009 in order to be able to know that we have fulfilled all the requirements for National Flagship for 2010.  After pizza and a long look at documents of old and the COE for 2009, the re-charter for 2010 it was agreed that we had not only met but as usual we exceeded the requirements for National Flagship.  Tasks were assigned and deadlines set. Now we are off.

03012010 - Skipper and Boatswain spoke on phone to get a status update. Letter is being written and will call others to check status of parts.

03072010 - Quarterdeck meeting everyone given deadline of March 15 to have parts pulled together in rough draft.

03152010 - Parts havent quite made it together... still in progress.

03182010 - Meet at Skippers house to review completed work and prepare to present to ship on sunday.

03192010 - Showed printed copy to all of the scouts going to SSHM for VSC weekend

03212010 - Showed printed copy to all in attendance of meeting.

03252010 - Everything packaged and ready to send. One last check showed a couple of typos. [FIX].

03262010 - All materials reprinted and bound. Going FEDEX for a Tuesday delivery.

03292010 - Received notification that the package has been delivered.

04122010 - Skipper called National to make sure presentation would be sent back to his address and not where package was shipped from originally and he was told that the winners would know very soon.

04162010 - Still no word but we have inventoried the uniforms of our newest scouts and we are going to have a sewing party at the Annex to make sure all the uniforms are in tip top shape.

04192010 - Letter received from Boat U.S.   ***  WE DID IT!!!  *** 






ROUNDTABLE: (directions)
1830-2000 - 2nd THURSDAY each month @ LDS Church located at 16331 Hafer Road