Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sea Scout Ship 1659


Trip to Dallas


Only three days ago had we stood in front of the highest ranking officials in the Boy Scout organization, and next to some of the most accomplished scouts in the nation. It’s only appropriate to say it was an honor. After all the years of fun, commitment and determination, our efforts had finally paid off. Out of the hundreds of Sea Scout ships of America, ours had been chosen as THE BEST, we were the national Sea Scout flagship of America for 2010.

Friday, May 28, we woke up early in the morning, and met at the Annex. We left not-quite promptly 7a.m and drove over 4 hours to the National Scouting museum in Irving, TX, northwest of Dallas.  After everyone arrived, we had lunch at the Golden Corral. Everybody then headed back over to the museum, and had a good time looking at the exhibits.  First, we saw a “COOL” movie on the Scout Oath and Law (with a rather creepy mannequin of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts), then pinewood derby car racing, a long session on the laser shooting range, some maniac peddling at the ATV game, admiring Boy Scout paintings by Norman Rockwell and then drooling over the Sea Scout awards, including the National Flagship award, which we would soon hold our own trophy of.

When we finished our tour through the museum, we departed for the Hilton Anatole, where we had a warm welcome by Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Homburg in their awesome presidential suite at the Hilton Anatole. We then started changing into our whites uniforms, rolling hats, folding cravats, and people yelling, “Where’s my stuff?!” Eventually we had everything together, and Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Homburg commented that we were the best looking, uniformed ship they had ever seen.d everything together, and *insert award. When we filedg carvats   Afterwards, we started our trek across the huge hotel to the meeting room to receive our award.

When we arrived, to be honest, the room wasn’t, well, as BIG as we were expecting, but that wasn’t the important thing, the award was! We filed into the back of the room.  Shortly after, we were called up to the front, and in a blaze of camera flashes we received the oh-so beautiful trophy. We then walked to the back of the room, where we stayed until the meeting was over. There we passed the award around from scout to scout, some of us even kissing it.

After it the meeting was adjourned, we came back out into the hall, where we again were blinded by millions of camera flashes.  Each scout, with their parents, if they were present, posed with the trophy with Skipper Rawlins. When all the pictures had been taken, we trooped back to the suite and changed into our regular clothes.  With good feelings all around, we dispersed into the four winds, some stayed the night in Dallas, others drove back home to Houston.  Needless to say, it was a long but memorable day for all, one of those very special days that remind you just how awesome Sea Scouts can be.  Thanks to everyone, you all made this great day happen!!




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