Baloo's Bugle - your online Cub Scout Roundtable featuring monthly program hints for Cub Scouters.
  Colonneh Lodge 137 - this link redirects you to the Polaris District Chapter of the Order of the Arrow - resource for Cub Master and Cub Leaders
  Cub - providing resources and links for Cub Scouts
  District web sites - this link redirects you to the Sam Houston Area Council's official link page for District sites
  Leave No Trace - Outdoor ethics web site.
  Merit Badge Research Center - This site is devoted to Scouting advancement.
  National BSA web sites - this link redirects you to the Sam Houston Area Council's official link page for National sites - Scout Commissioners online resource
  Iron Horse District - this connects you to the Iron Horse District official website
  Sam Houston Area Council Training - this link takes you to the official SHAC training web page
  Scouting Forms - National BSA site that offers all the current forms needed by Scouts and Scout Leaders - an excellent resource for Scoutmaster and Scout Leaders
  Scout Shop - Sam Houston Area Council Scout Shop link
  The MacScouter - Scout resources online (Note: this web site may require you to re-enter the Polaris District web site address in order to return back to this site.)
  The Virtual Cub Scout Leader's Handbook - Variety of Cub Scout related information can be found at this site.
  U.S. - The U. S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. Website ©1997-2003 is the largest collection of Scouting resource materials available online and assembled by volunteer Scouters without pay.
  Wood Badge Training - Sam Houston Area Council web site for Wood Badge Training information
  Youth Protection Training Online - This site is provided to enable adult leaders to undertake youth protection training online, as well as to provide a reference to the BSA's youth protection guidelines.
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